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    Wipaire doubles FAA ADS-B rebate

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    Tips:Wipaire is doubling the FAA’s $500 ADS-B rebate for GA aircraft owners.

    Wipaire is doubling the FAA’s $500 ADS-B rebate for GA aircraft owners.

    Wipaire’s additional $500 rebate, which can be paired with the FAA program for a total of $1,000, is available to U.S.-registered single-engine piston fixed-wing manned airplanes registered before Jan. 1, 2016.

    The Wipaire rebate is applied to installation charges for ADS-B equipment purchased through Wipaire and installed at Wipaire’s South St. Paul, Minnesota, or Leesburg, Florida, locations.

    “As a general aviation company of pilots and aircraft owners, we understand the cost burden of adding ADS-B capability to meet the 2020 mandate,” said Clint Clouatre, vice president of marketing and sales for Wipaire. “We also know that upgrading to ADS-B can offer pilots and owners great benefits, like weather and traffic with no subscription fees. The FAA remains steadfast in the deadline to equip, so we’re offering a $500 rebate to make it easier and more affordable for our fellow pilots and owners to add ADS-B to their aircraft.”

    Wipaire’s rebate is available for work booked by Sept. 18, 2017, and completed by Dec. 31, 2017.

    Unlike the FAA program, owners of multiple aircraft may claim Wipaire rebates for each aircraft they own, although they will still only be eligible to receive one FAA rebate.

    Owners must purchase ADS-B equipment through Wipaire that meets TSO-C154c, TSO-C166b, or both, for installation at one of Wipaire’s two locations.

    The rebate is not available for equipment purchased or installed elsewher.

    No ADS-B performance flight is required to receive the Wipaire rebate.

    To help take the mystery out of ADS-B, Wipaire offers a short questionnaire to determine the needs and wants of aircraft owners.

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