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    Stratus ES integrates with Garmin, Avidyne navigators for affordable ADS-B

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    Tips:Appareo has added to its Stratus family of cost-effective, easily-installed certified avionics for general aviation.

    Appareo has added to its Stratus family of cost-effective, easily-installed certified avionics for general aviation.

    Just like Stratus ESG, the company’s flagship transponder, the new Stratus ES is a certified 1090 Extended Squitter (ES) ADS-B Out transponder designed with the common 1.65” form factor to easily replac existing transponders.

    While Stratus ESG includes built-in WAAS GPS for all-in-one-box 2020 compliance, Stratus ES was designed without GPS to provide affordable ADS-B Out to aircraft that are already equipped with WAAS GPS.

    Stratus ES will make an aircraft rule-compliant when paired with the Garmin 430W, 530W, 650, 750, or Avidyne IFD440 or IFD540.

    “With Stratus ESG, we were focused on developing a simple solution to minimize installation costs for non-glass panel aircraft that didn’t have WAAS GPS,” said Derek Aslakson, aviation product manager at Appareo. “With Stratus ES, we are responding to demand from aircraft owners who have already equipped with WAAS GPS navigators and are looking for an affordable way to meet the 2020 mandate while utilizing their previous investments.”

    At $2,495, Stratus ES is one of general aviation’s most affordable panel-mounted 1090 ES transponders for ADS-B Out compliance, according to company officials.

    Just like Stratus ESG, Stratus ES can be connected to an ADS-B In receiver for the complete ADS-B experience.

    Stratus receivers not only provide subscription-free ADS-B weather and traffic, but their built-in AHRS technology drives a responsive pitch and bank instrument in the center of the Synthetic Vision view on ForeFlight Mobile, company officials said.

    Synthetic Vision provides luminous terrain, night sky view and an obstacle awareness system, making AHRS a backup for emergency situations.

    By including a Stratus ADS-B In receiver, pilots also benefit from features such as Stratus Replay, wher the device stores weather information even when your iPad is asleep, as well as the built-in Stratus Flight Data Recorder, for replaying your flights using Google Earth or CloudAhoy.

    Stratus ES also comes standard with the patented Portable Connect ADS-B antenna feedthrough technology.

    Stratus transponders can share an aircraft’s external ADS-B antenna with a portable receiver in the cockpit, providing enhanced reception, company officials said. By utilizing the aircraft’s external antenna, a portable receiver will pick up more ADS-B ground stations, even at lower altitudes, officials explain.

    Another benefit is that portable receivers don’t need to be placed near a window, since they won’t rely on their own internal antennas. The Portable Connect feature is compatible with many popular brands of ADS-B receivers; a variety of interface kits are available.

    Stratus ES can be purchased from an authorized Appareo dealer upon certification, which is expected this fall.

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