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    Boeing teamed up with Kitty Hawk to drive the development of flying cars

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    Tips:Boeing teamed up with Kitty Hawk to drive the development of flying cars

    According to foreign media reports, although Boeing has recently encountered a lot of trouble, but in any case it is still almost the world's largest airline, recently joined forces with Kitty Hawk to promote the development of flying cars.

    It is reported that Kitty Hawk is a flying car company founded by Google co-founder Larry Page. Obviously, it needs a partner with expertise and resources to achieve its goals. This has also become the reason for its strategic partnership with Boeing.

    Sebastian Thrun, co-founder and CEO of Kitty Hawk, said that Kitty Hawk was born with the goal of promoting advanced flight technology and bringing new innovations to life. “I am excited about the joint efforts of our two companies to accelerate the safe electric flight.”

    Right now, the Kitty Hawk product line has two products in total - Kitty Hwak Flyer and Cora. Among them, Flyer can hover over 10 feet above the ground at speeds up to 20 mph; Cora is a two-person electric flight taxi that will be tested in New Zealand.


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