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    The aviation industry delivered 4 AR500B drones to the Emergency Management Department

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    Tips:The aviation industry delivered 4 AR500B drones to the Emergency Management Department

    On December 24, the forest floating communication relay platform sub-system passed the acceptance review in Beijing, and 4 AR500B unmanned helicopters were delivered to the emergency management department. The delivery of AR500B marks the official inclusion of the aviation industry's unmanned helicopter in the national emergency rescue equipment system, which will greatly enhance the communication and reconnaissance capabilities of the emergency rescue team, and meet the command requirements of unified deployment, hierarchical command, rapid maneuverability, and direct access to the end. Improve coverage accuracy and emergency rescue command efficiency.

    Project acceptance meeting

    The forest floating communication relay platform is the first large-scale UAV system procurement project since the establishment of the Emergency Management Department, and it is also the first time for the aviation industry to enter the field of emergency management for unmanned helicopter products. The system consists of unmanned helicopters, ground measurement and control vehicles, and transportation support vehicles. It is equipped with photoelectric reconnaissance equipment, ultra-short wave voice relay equipment, and broadband ad hoc network video transmission equipment. It is responsible for fire detection, ranging and positioning, and ultra-short wave voice relay. Tasks such as audio and video collection and communication, solve the problems of "inaudible and invisible" in the process of forest fire fighting, and create the "last mile" of the fire field command and communication link.

    AR500B unmanned helicopter

    The project lasted for more than 3 years. After feasibility demonstration, demonstration verification, design improvement, joint test flight, test operation and other stages, it passed the final user system final inspection on November 4, 2021.

    The Forest Fire Protection Bureau of the Emergency Management Department organized the feasibility demonstration and demonstration verification of the forest floating communication relay platform. The AR500A unmanned helicopter was used as the carrier platform, equipped with existing mature optoelectronic pods, voice transfer stations, and broadband ad hoc network equipment to carry out prototype tests. The demonstration flights were successively carried out in Poyang, Jiangxi and Nanchang, and then moved to Jiage in the Greater Xing'an Mountains. Forest area tests were carried out in Daqi, Daziyangshan, Yakeshi, Sahe and other areas. In the actual forest combat environment, the prototype's flying and maneuvering capabilities, photoelectric pod reconnaissance capabilities, broadband ad hoc network video transmission and voice relay communication capabilities were evaluated, related functional performance indicators were tested, and the forest floating communication relay platform technology was verified feasibility.


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