Aviation industry Guifei large component assembly center was formally established

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Tips:Aviation industry Guifei large component assembly center was formally established, two types of project components started

On December 29, the Aviation Industry Guifei Large Components Assembly Center was formally established, and at the same time, the two types of project components were started.

The establishment of the Guifei large component assembly center and the realization of the start of the two-type project components are a key measure for the aviation industry Chengfei and Guifei to further implement the important decisions and deployments of the group’s party group, marking the promotion of the reform of Guifei from the planning stage It has entered a new stage of project transfer and implementation, and has achieved a good start to promote the deepening reform of Guifei's industrial layout and get out of development difficulties.

On November 11, the aviation industry announced the special approval of the “Implementation Plan for Promoting the Deepening of the Industrial Layout of Guifei and Getting Out of the Development Dilemma.” Chengfei and Guifei have overcome many difficulties in less than two months and implemented a series of in-depth implementations. important measures to advance the reform: through the project transfer plan, the establishment of a representative office stationed in Guifei, the first batch of 32 representatives formally stationed in Guifei, the completion of the transfer and installation of the first batch of tooling, and the completion of the plant preparation and personnel adjustment of the large component assembly center to ensure the end of the year The components of the first two types of projects have been riveted smoothly. The smooth progress of a series of work demonstrates the firm determination of Chengfei and Guifei to resolutely implement the important decisions and deployments of the group's party group.

At the inauguration ceremony, Fu De, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Guifei, reported on the preparations for the large parts assembly center and the preparation for the start; Zhang Hua, the chief representative of Chengfei’s representative office in Guifei, reported on the review of the start; 4 from the front line of Guifei Famous model workers, pioneers of party members, and backbone representatives of technical skills jointly unveiled the large component assembly center under the witness of the leaders; Guizhou Provincial Finance Office, Anshun Municipal Government, Chengdu Bureau of Air Equipment, Group Directors and Supervisors Office, Chengdu Institute of Aviation Industry, and Cheng Fei's leaders delivered speeches successively; Cheng Fei's deputy general manager Gan Jicai announced the official riveting of the two aircraft components. The inauguration ceremony was presided over by Song Haihua, Deputy Secretary and General Manager of Guifei Party Committee.

After the ceremony, Chengfei and Guifei organized and convened a working group meeting to promote Guifei's deepening reform, and reported and discussed the work related to the promotion of Guifei's reform. Leaders and guests attending the meeting visited Guifei's large parts assembly center.


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