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    LATAM Airlines will provide record-breaking services to Brazilian airports in 2022

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    Tips:LATAM Airlines will provide record-breaking services to Brazilian airports in 2022

    According to a report on the "simpleflying" website on December 29, Brazil's LATAM Airlines has just announced that by 2022, the company will provide record-breaking services to Brazilian airports. The South American airline has dominated the Brazilian domestic market for the past few months and plans to continue its recovery next year.

    LATAM's plan in 2022

    In 2022, LATAM Airlines will open at least six new destination flights. The company has already started selling air tickets to Montes Claros, Juiz de Fora, President Prudente, South Cascias, Cascaville and Sinop, which are its six new destinations in Brazil.

    These new destinations will open flights in March 2022. once completed, Brazil’s LATAM Airlines will fly to 56 airports across Brazil, which will also be the most extensive domestic map route in the company’s history.

    Diogo Elias, Sales and Marketing Director of Brazil’s LATAM Aviation, said: “Due to the reorganization, LATAM has become more efficient and more competitive, which allows us to start again in Brazil. We should start 100 in 2022. % Restore the domestic capacity before the pandemic. once completed, we will always fly to more destinations than today. This recovery will benefit travelers the most because they will have more options to fly to Brazil."

    Why these destinations?

    Currently, Brazil’s LATAM Airlines offers 18,128 flights in December 2021. The airline provides 3.2 million seats nationwide. According to Cirium's data, compared with two years ago, Brazil's LATAM Airlines has reduced flights by 15.3% and seats by 14%.

    According to the Brazilian Civil Aviation Department, the company transported 17.2 million domestic passengers in 2021. It has a market share of 31.49%, second only to Azul (37.15%).

    In 2022, the airline will focus on six new destinations in Brazil. As of December 2021, there are 1,130 scheduled flights to these destinations, operated by Azul Linhas Aereas and GOL.

    Azul operates two main routes to the recently announced destinations of Brazil's LATAM Airlines. These routes are the Campina-Prudente presidential route (with 101 scheduled flights this month) and the Belo Horizonte-Montesclaros route (with 100 flights). GOL’s main routes in these markets are daily flights between Guarulos and Cascaville in Sao Paulo.

    What do we know about LATAM's new routes?

    LATAM will fly from Guarulhos, Sao Paulo to Montes Claros on March 29. Daily flights will be operated by Airbus A319 and A320 aircraft, and flights to Juiz de Fora will be launched on April 5. The airline will also use A319 and A320 on routes departing from Guarulos. once LATAM flies to Monte Claros and Juiz de Fora, the airline will cover four major destinations in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

    On April 12, LATAM will begin flying its A319 and A320 fleet from Guarulhos to Prudente Presidente. A week later, that is, on April 19, the airline will start a flight to South Cassias, dedicated to the A320 fleet.

    Finally, the routes to Cascavill and Sinop will be opened on April 26 and May 3, 2022, both of which will be operated by Airbus A319. Lastly, LATAM will not fly from Guarulhos to Sinop, on the contrary, it will start from Brasilia.

    Brazil's LATAM Airlines will only compete with GOL Linhas Aereas on the first 5 routes. Currently, GOL has 171 flights on these routes, and there is no dispute on the Brasilia-Sinop route.


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