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Understanding the high-quality development of the aviation industry

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Tips:Use a set of calculation questions to understand the high-quality development of the aviation industry

The aviation industry adheres to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and thoroughly implements the major decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on the three-year action for the reform of state-owned enterprises. The pilot work of the state-owned capital investment company requires weight reduction and fitness, improvement of quality and efficiency, innovative development, and the simultaneous advancement of reforms from reducing burdens and increasing kinetic energy to a new stage of comprehensive kinetic energy increase. According to the construction of modern aviation industry chain length and original technology The mission of Ceyuan requires efforts to form a new vitality for continuous reform.

Do subtraction, lose weight and build up the body, adjust the structure and reduce the burden

Focus on the main business and carry out in-depth structural adjustment and layout optimization. Continue to promote the special work of dealing with stalemates and difficulties, suppressing levels, reducing the number of households, clearing "two Africans", and clearing shares. The level of legal persons has been reduced from 11 to 6, and the management level has been reduced from 8 to 5; a total of 1093 legal person units have been reduced; 350 equity shares have been cleaned up. It has successively withdrawn from businesses such as real estate, coal, forestry, wind power equipment, shipbuilding, glass and mineral resources. The scope of business has been streamlined by 50% according to the classification of the national economy, and a total of 60 billion yuan has been recovered through the withdrawal of non-main business.

Effective return of mismatched resources

Effectively allocate resources and actively transfer non-main business resources such as real estate, property, coal, ships and mineral resources to other central enterprises. To support local development, the equity of Siwo Bus, Long March Special Vehicle, Yuehai Wind Power, AVIC Forestry, AVIC Sanxin and other enterprises were transferred to the local government. Revitalize the inefficient and idle stock of land, rebirth and promote the development of key core areas of aviation's main business.

Capital operation reduces burden

Flexible use of industrial funds, listing and trading, and the introduction of external investors to achieve efficient and high-quality divestiture. Established asset receiving and disposal platforms such as "Hangxin Assets", "Aviation Assets Adjustment Fund" and "Aviation Upgrade and Efficiency Fund", and disposed of more than 80 projects.

Establish a mechanism to prevent problems before they happen

Strengthen investment management, debt management, capital management, and cost management, strictly control non-main business investment, resolutely plug blind spots and loopholes in business management, and prevent enterprises from “returning to poverty” after “getting out of trouble”, resulting in “three years of pressure reduction and three years of reduction”. Added "Virty Circle".

Make additions and carefully build a new system for the aviation industry

Establish a new aviation industry group company

With the main engine factory as the main body, build the chain length of the aviation industry chain. Form an industrial system that is collaboratively innovative, closely related, and promotes the upgrading of the overall innovation capability of the industrial chain supply chain, and realizes the systematic integration of design, R&D, manufacturing, and maintenance service resources.

Promote the professional integration of internal industrial layout

Reorganize the drone industry, establish a specialized platform for the simulation equipment industry, adjust and optimize general aviation operations, integrate supply chain businesses, and continuously optimize and stabilize the industrial chain supply chain to ensure safety and stability.

Strengthen foreign military-civilian integration and industrial integration

Promote the "1+1+N" (government + leading enterprises + local supporting enterprises) development model, and orderly liberalize non-core manufacturing capabilities. Together with local governments and private enterprises in Chengdu, Shenyang, Xi'an, Nanchang, etc., it has created a number of aerospace manufacturing cluster platforms to realize centralized control and efficient coordination of socialized supporting facilities.

Pragmatically promote the "mixing to promote reform"

Through the "introduction of capital, system and intelligence", "mixing to promote reform", "mixing to strengthen production", and "mixing to strengthen capital", a group of companies in the group have optimized their shareholding structure, improved governance, and steadily improved operating efficiency. .

Do multiplication to stimulate technological innovation and industrial upgrading

Integrate scientific and technological innovation forces to conquer key core technologies

Led by scientific research institutes and leading companies, we will unite resources from industry, academia, research, and upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain to create the “chain length” of the industry chain; establish a national innovation platform to create a “source of original technology”; jointly build aeroacoustics, A group of joint technical centers, including the refined strength design and manufacturing of aircraft, solved the problem of "stuck necks".

Accelerate the construction of digital and intelligent aviation capabilities and empower the high-quality development of the aviation industry

Develop and release special plans to explore and practice group-level application construction and management models in the cloud architecture environment. Establish a collaborative innovation platform for intelligent manufacturing and an innovative consortium of high-end analysis and testing instruments. Carry out the capacity building of digital intelligence, and realize the improvement of production line efficiency by more than 35%.

Raise funds, integrate investment, integrate industry and finance, and promote industry through financing

Adopt capital operation methods to gather all forces to serve the national strategy, optimize the layout of state-owned assets, and promote industrial upgrading. Establish aviation industry integration development fund, aviation industry chain guidance fund, etc., and unite social capital to help the group cultivate professional enterprises with core capabilities.

The aviation industry has basically formed a development trend of "excellent industrial layout, high operational efficiency, and sufficient capital strength".


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