China Aviation Development: will be fast and steady in 2022

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Tips:China Aviation Development: In 2021, we will be fast and steady; in 2022, we will come firmly!

The solemn annual ring burns the glory of history.

In 2021, the Communist Party of China will celebrate its centenary.

Hundreds of years of ups and downs have changed the world. The first centenary goal became a reality, and the clarion call was blown to the second centenary goal. From groundbreaking to changing the world, from earth-shaking to historic changes and historic achievements, it should be in harmony with General Secretary Xi Jinping’s solemn announcement that resounded through Tiananmen Square on July 1st——

"Today, what the Chinese nation shows to the world is a prosperous outlook, and it is marching towards a great rejuvenation at an unstoppable pace."

In 2021, the fifth anniversary of China Aviation Development.

Established in the new era, dedicated to the Chinese dream. Bold innovation, determination to reform, down-to-earth, bravely climbing the peak, the "13th Five-Year Plan" ended successfully, and the "14th Five-Year Plan" started smoothly.

This year, keeping in mind General Secretary Xi Jinping’s “accelerating the realization of independent research and development, manufacturing and production of aero engines and gas turbines, and striving unremittingly to build my country into an aviation power”, China Airlines moved forward in the direction guided by General Secretary Xi Jinping. Be very firm, leaving a solid footprint once again.

——Issue the No. 1 document of the Party Group. The "Decision" was made to strengthen the quality of aero-engines to push the group to charge up and down to the most critical point and to the most important point.

—— Carry out party history study and education in a solid manner. Learn the history of the party, understand the ideas, do practical things, and make new breakthroughs, draw wisdom from the centuries of party history, and forge the "heart" mission from the centuries of struggle.

——A grand celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. In the whole group, it is called "Promoting the great party-building spirit, running out of the aero-engine independent research and development acceleration, and cultivating and carrying forward the aero-engine spirit of the new era", to revitalize the aerodynamics and press the fast forward button to increase gears and accelerate.

——Hold a strategy seminar on the day of the establishment of the group. Adjusting the "12345" strategic framework system, issuing the command of "firm confidence, perseverance, fight for another five years, and climb the peak again", opened the curtain of another historic departure.

——Wonderful appearance at the 13th Zhuhai Air Show. Many new types of aero-engines were exhibited for the first time, and the booth was crowded and the audience cheered.

Speeding up the journey of self-reliance in science and technology and strengthening the national strategic scientific and technological strength is an unimpeded march; striving to be the "source" of original technology and the "chain length" of the modern industrial chain is an unforgettable memory. Those hardships, hardships, and wounds suffered can't be heard, but a perseverance and strength to listen to the party, follow the party, and cast heavy weapons can be seen.

The party's hundred-year history continues in the struggle. China Aviation Development has been advancing in struggle for five years. Who said that a year is short, every second of climbing the peak is writing new history; who said that the struggle is long, every step of the battle for five years is narrating the wonderful voyage.

Learn history to make sense, learn history to increase credit, learn history to respect morality, learn history to practice. Under the background of the party flag, the "heart-casting" new Long March party member commando battle is on the front line of scientific research; in the flash of the team emblem, the majority of young people gallop on the main battlefield of the innovation contest "Hundred Regiments"...

The country is the most important thing, the family is the lighter, choose one thing for a lifetime. The sun in the morning witnessed the day when researchers started to improve the performance of the whole machine; the stars in the night witnessed the steps of the employees returning home after completing the product test; the lights in the war room witnessed the intense brainstorming of the system construction team. ...

Power the army, science and technology serve the country. In the northwestern inland, the field support personnel fought the scorching heat and severe cold; the southeast coast, the supply support personnel moved and rushed to help...

The journey is long, only struggle. From research institutes to manufacturing factories, the eternal shining of the light of faith and the continuous inheritance of the red gene are reflected everywher from the scientific research site to the front line of reform and development, the family and the country’s feelings handed down from generation to generation are displayed everywher, and the "heart" for the country is cast. Unchanging beliefs.

Don't forget the glory of yesterday's misery, and be worthy of today's mission and live up to tomorrow's great dreams.

In 2021, our hoof is fast and steady. Striving for a new journey, striving for a new era, and running out of self-developed acceleration are the main theme that has always been high.

In 2022, we will come firmly. Struggle, struggle, struggle again, speed up, speed up, speed up again, will still be the strongest voice of China Aviation Development.

Let us move towards the future together!


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