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    Flying on TTF

    Increase font  Decrease font Release Date:2015-12-09  Author:Elena  Views:5787
    Tips:More than 1500 global flight training schools have settled in the platform, easily achieving your flying dream.

    Escape from the two dimensional world. Flying takes you to a different world with new perspectives. Suddenly, distances shrink and your perspectives change. You start thinking of your world from above. Your senses are in tune to the world of flight, no longer limited by your cares, concerns and duties on the ground.

    Explore new places. Learning to fly frees you to explore the world – from 50 miles to 500 miles. The distance is your decision.

    Experience a feeling of freedom, and accomplishment.

    History tells us that people have wanted to fly for thousands of years. How lucky we are, then, to live in an era wher it’s not only possible, it’s more accessible than ever!

    TTF is a general aviation platform of more than 180,000 aviators, and it’s our mission to grow participation in aviation. Whatever your interests, whatever your goals, we’ll steer you in the right direction and show you that your dream of flight is a lot closer than you think.


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